№ 9 Cruise on the ship rivers of Russia 7 days
St. Petersburg - Mandrogi - Kizhi - Goretssy - Yaroslavl - Uglich - Moscow
1 day/St.Petrsburg Сoming on the ship at 20.00

2 day/ Mandrogi Green parking


Mandrogi-the location of the village Verhniye Mandrogi between the lakes Ladoga and Onega is both geographically and historically unique. It is filled with the spirit of aboriginals of the territory – vepses and energy of the greatest lakes in Europe, Ladoga and Onega lakes, which haThe river Svir (in translation from the veps language – "deep") since olden days was a part of a great trading way «From Varangian to Greeks» stretched around taiga woods.

3 day/ Kizhi Museum of Wooden Architecture

The small island Kizhi is located in the north of severe Onega among picturesque Kizhi skerries. Its name reminds us the forgotten ancient ceremonies (in translation from Karelian the word "kizhat" means "games"). Russian settlers from Novgorod were ancestors of Kizhi people. In 10-11 centuries they have started to digest northern areas populated by Finno-Ugric tribes. Settlers ploughed up the stony ground, got cattle, fished, hunted on a fur animal in dense woods.

4 day/ Goretssy Visit of Cyril Belozersky Monastery

Among the monasteries located near Kirillov, the Goritskiy ninnery is of much interest. It is situated 7 km from the town, on the coast of Sheksna river, at the bottom of the mountain Maury dominating over vicinities. The Ressurection Goritsy nunnery is obliged its existence to theMoscow grand-ducal sort.

5 day/ Yaroslavl City Tour, Church of Elijah the Prophet
Yaroslavl-Yaroslavlis considered to be a pearl in the «Golden Ring» ancient cities, one of the architectural capitals of Russia.Earlier this place was a settlement Gentiles Topographic. Its inhabitants, descendants of the Finno-Ugric tribes, mingled with the migrant Slavic population engaged in agriculture, hunting and fishing.
6 day/ Uglich City Tour, Church of St. Dmitriy

Uglich - Uglich district administrative center of Yaroslavl region, one of the oldest cities of the Upper Volga region. Uglich was the capital of a small principality in 1218 to 1328, when local princes sold their rights to the Grand Duke of Moscow. As the border town of Moscow principality, he was repeatedly burned by Mongols, Lithuanians and the Great Prince of Tver.

7 day/ Moscow
Arriving at Moscow (13.00) The price of the tour - on request

















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