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* Support - meeting / attendant passenger

** For issuance of an urgent request (at least 24 hours before departure) - extra 20 EUR per person.

For an additional fee, you can use: a room for negotiations and business meetings, a restaurant or bar.

Reception and cancellations:

* Applications will be accepted no later than 24 hours in the official working days before 18:00

* Applications are placed less than 24 hours are considered urgent

* The penalty for cancellation policy from 24 to 6 hours before the time of the order - 50% per person is less than 6 hours - 100%

* Change the date, passenger names, flight numbers booked in order the cancellation of the previous application is placing new and subject to the

conditions listed above.

Airport Status
VIP services


VIP hall








                                                                                                                                                  Cost of services per personin Euro.


Has a VIP lounge for arrival and departure, is located on the second floor of the airport building. Parking at the airport fee.

Procedure table

The client must arrive at the airport no later than 1 hour before departure, in connection with the termination of registration for 40-30 minutes before departure.

Upon arrival at the VIP lounge of Vladikavkaz, the passenger alone is registered on the flight.

The passenger is offered to stay in the VIP lounge before the boarding announcement (40-30 minutes before departure).

If the customer places an order at the bar of the VIP lounge, the payment is made by the passenger in the Russian rubles.

For 20-30 minutes before departure VIP lounge invites passengers to board the aircraft and escorted the passenger to the plane in a special van.

The procedure of arrival

At the airport "Beslan" VIP lounge passengers are greeted at the ramp with a sign bearing the name of flies.

The client must declare itself (to approach the airport VIP lounge manager).

If the passenger luggage airport manager takes the luggage checks.

After all the passengers VIP lounge Vladikavkaz come to the place of the meeting, the group accompanied by the dispatcher in a separate minibus goes to the VIP room.

Independently leave the airfield is strictly forbidden!

f the customer places an order at the bar of the VIP lounge, the payment is made by the passenger in the Russian rubles

Baggage is delivered directly to the passenger in the VIP room and given to the passenger in person.

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