№ 8 Tour "The Sayan Ring" - 3 Regions of Syberia 9 days


(Syberia – Tuva - Khakasiya)
9 days/ 8 nights
Day 1: arrival in Moscow; transfer to “Domodedovo” airport; flight to Krasnoyarsk; arrival; transfer to a 3*** hotel (FB); accommodation; lunch; city sight seeing tour: the Chapel of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, the Blagoveshchenskiy cathedral, the Museum of History and Ethnography; buying souvenirs; dinner; free time
Day 2: trip to the bank of the Enisey river; visiting the dam of the Krasnoyarsk Power Plant; lunch in the open air; a show-excursion to the State Ethnographical museum-reserve "Shushenskoe" (Russian 18 century village), visiting Traktir with national rites, games and dances; dinner in a Russian traditional house – “izba” with tea and a bird cherry pie; accommodation in hotel “Tourist” 3*** (FB)
Day 3: visiting an old Syberian village “Tanzybey”: buying knitted manufacture, embroidery, patch-work quilt, and other items of decorative handicraft; visiting houses of the village, meeting local people, tasting traditional foods and drinks; trip to Tuva through the West Sayany mountains; lunch in the mountains; arrival to Tuva; accommodation in the yurts' complex on the riverbank of Biy-Khem; dinner; after dinner - the performance of the traditional throat singing - "khoomei".
Day 4: excursion to Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva, visiting the geographical centre of Asia; visit to theBuddhist temple where you will hear the sermon of the real lama; visit to a shaman clinic; lunch in a restaurant with a traditional Tuvan cuisine; a visit to the National Museum of Tuva , souvenir shops, an atelier of the national dress a post office and a street market; visit to the Nomad’s yurt; accommodation in the yurts' complex on the riverbank of Biy-Khem.
Day 5: crossing Tuva from the east to the West, following the roads of ancient nomads; stop at the Khayrakan mountain – a sacred place of the Buddhists; lunch; trip to Khakasiya through taiga – a wonderful Syberian forest; accommodation in a tourist camp “Snow Leopard” (HB) in wooden houses made of pine with stove heating, located at the height of 1250 meters.
Day 6: a short stroll in the taiga to the a beautiful mountain lake situated at the height of 1520 meters; lunch at a fire place with herbal tea and cowberry jam; visiting Syberian banya (sauna); free time; accommodation in a tourist camp “Snow Leopard” (HB)
Day 7: free time: getting familiar with the taiga and mountain medicinal herbs, doing horse riding, getting a massage or having some treatment; lunch; a farewell to Tayga; transfer to the valley Kug (“delight” from Khakasian); accommodation in wooden Khakasia jurts (FB)
Day 8: excursion to the State Archeological museum of Khakasia (rock drawings that are 3-5 years old); lunch; the sequel of the archeological excursion the sacred signs of the ancient shamans and a cult obelisk "Kug", which possesses a strong healing energetic field; free time; accommodation in a tourist camp “Snow Leopard” (HB)
Day 9: transfer to Abakan;visiting the Republic Regional Museum; visiting “The valley of the Kings” and the Great Salbyk Mound; lunch in the open air; a performance of a Khakasia folklore company; return to Abakan; flight to Moscow; transfer to airport; fkight home
Cost of the tour: 2048 euro per person
Price includes: air rickets; transport service (bus), accommodation (DBL, HB & FB), meals (including mineral water, juices, coffee, tea, local beer), transfers, excursions, folk programs, porter services, tickets to the museums and parks, visa support, insurance
Age Restrictions:
Children under the age of 5 are not permitted on the tours.



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