Izmaylovo Beta
Location: The Izmailovo Beta Hotel is located in one of the most scenic places in Moscow not far from the city center. Izmailovsky Park is situated nearby. The moment you enter the hotel you feel cordial and friendly atmosphere. Courteous and considerate treatment of staff that tries to maintain the best traditions of Russian hospitality will make your stay at the hotel pleasant and wholesome. 

In hotel: 28 floors of the Izmailovo Beta Hotel are decorated with feeling. Here you can make yourself at home. Inside the hotel you can solve most questions that a traveler can have: exchange currency, draw out money from a plastic card, wash and repair your clothes, buy necessities, dress your hair. As all the large hotels, the Izmailovo Beta Hotel offers restaurants, conference halls and a convenient parking.

Distinctive features:
* 960 rooms;
* casino;
* restaurants;
* billiards, cafes;
* bars, bowling;
* beauty salon.

Address: 71, bld 2b, Izmailovskoye shosse, Moscow, Russia, 105187
Sheremetyevo – 1 hour 30 minutes by car.
Nearest Metro station – Partizanskaya.