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* Support - meeting / attendant passenger

** For issuance of an urgent request (at least 24 hours before departure) - extra 20 EUR per person.

For an additional fee, you can use: a room for negotiations and business meetings, a restaurant or bar.

Reception and cancellations:

* Applications will be accepted no later than 24 hours in the official working days before 18:00

* Applications are placed less than 24 hours are considered urgent

* The penalty for cancellation policy from 24 to 6 hours before the time of the order - 50% per person is less than 6 hours - 100%

* Change the date, passenger names, flight numbers booked in order the cancellation of the previous application is placing new and subject to the

conditions listed above.

Airport Status
VIP services


VIP hall








The price includes a presence in the VIP-hall 2 accompanying people each additional meeting / attendant = 25 EUR

Meeting room = 230 EUR per hour


Economy Class (only departure)


                                                                                                                                                                          Cost of services per personin Euro.


Located in the left wing of the airport complex and has a separate entrance to the platform for the delivery of passengers to the aircraft and the entrance, providing an opportunity to the entrance of personal transport directly to the terminal.

Delivery of passengers to the aircraft carried special transport to the airport.

VIP-service provides maximum passenger comfort in the commission on international flights or domestic routes.


VIP-lounge offers passengers all the necessary services for a comfortable waiting Departure::

* Registration of tickets and baggage for the flight and the special marking of registered luggage tags;

* Organization of loading of baggage onto aircraft;

* Comfortable lounges;

* Individual and priority delivery of passengers to / from the aircraft in a comfortable car;

* Informing the mourners and meet passengers on the flight;

* Provision of a laptop, the ability to scan, copy and print documents;

* Free access to the Internet on technology Wi-Fi, local calls;

* Daily press, digital TV;

* Provision of chargers for mobile phones;

*  Separate VIP-parking greeters or accompanying people;

* An emergency passport and customs control;

* Bar service (for a fee);

* The possibility of holding negotiations in the conference room (for a fee).


In VIP- hall Belgorod International Airport served:

1. Passengers "business class", taking into account that the airline signed a contract with JSC "Belgorodavia" passenger service "business class" in the VIP-hall.

2. Passengers "economy class", wishing to use the services of VIP-halls, subject to the payment by cash / non-cash payment in accordance with the approved tariffs.

3. Passengers who have a certificate for service in the VIP-hall as part of any of the shares or by management of "Belgorodavia."

4. Dignitaries.

5. Honorary citizens of Belgorod region and the city of Belgorod.

6. Heroes of Russia, the Soviet Union, persons awarded Order of Glory of three classes, invalids of the Great Patriotic War.

7. Heroes of Socialist Labor and full holders of the Order of Labour Glory.

Please note: Services of VIP-lounge passengers can take advantage of, regardless of ticket class.

To pass in the VIP-hall:

* Passenger must give his last name, flight number and present a document proving his identity;

* Meeting and seeing off passengers persons must give the name of the passenger, whom they meet or see off the number of its flights. It should be keep in mind that greets passengers persons are allowed in the VIP-hall for one (1) hour before the expected time of arrival of the aircraft, passengers and escorted persons allowed in the VIP-hall not earlier than 2 (two) hours before the expected time of departure of the aircraft.


1. After passage in the VIP-hall should contact the reception, the passenger should be called the flight number and your last name and the meeting and seeing off persons. You must report the name of the passenger, whom they meet or escorted accordingly.

2. Passengers must arrive at the VIP-hall no later than one (1) hour before departure time to have time to register for your flight.

3. Entrance to the VIP-hall of people with weapons, ammunition, explosives, flammable, toxic, radioactive and other hazardous objects and substances that can be used to create a security risk or may cause other emergency (Aviation) incident is prohibited.

4. It is not allowed to carry and use in the VIP-hall of the food and drinks, including alcohol, purchased outside the VIP-hall.

5. All orders made in the cafe VIP-hall, not included in the agreement and are paid by yourself.

6. Provision of a VIP-hall does not release the passengers from the pre-flight inspection in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Transport of 25 July 2007 № 104 "On approval of rules for conducting pre-flight and post-flight inspections."

Rules VIP lounge on arrival:

1. On leaving the plane the passenger must go to the employees of "Belgorodavia" which expects a passenger with a special plate VIP-hall (or name, if specified in advance), and introduce yourself.

2. For air passenger luggage transfers of employees of "Belgorodavia" luggage tags; the passenger awaiting delivery and receipt of baggage in the VIP-hall.

3. After the meeting, all the VIP-lounge passengers arriving on the same flight, a member of "Belgorodavia", accompanies them on a separate road to the entrance to the VIP-hall.

4. After completing all the necessary procedures and business administrator baggage accompanies the passenger room up to meet its transport either before departure.

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